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The Wall Of Mary Project

This project to fill the wall along our front stairway has finally commenced. The picture above is slightly inaccurate, because I have removed three of those images and replaced them with better ones. I dropped them off at the framers on Tuesday to have custom mats cut. I am not doing custom frames, as that would make the project cost prohibitive. I managed to get 20 frames at Joann for $100 late last year. Quite the bargain. Even with that bargain, this project will cost $47.00 per picture. That includes a custom cut mat, non-glare glass and the cost of the frame. This cost break down does not include the cost of the book I destroyed for most of the images, nor the three pieces I purchased on Etsy. I can’t quite remember how much I spent on either thing, but I think the book was around $20 and the total on Etsy was around $60.

Here is what the foyer currently looks like:

wall of blankness

The next challenge will be the hanging process. I’m fairly certain the husband is not going to be too pleased about this job, and much cussing will occur. We might actually need to buy a different type of ladder to get this done. Crap! Do I have to include that in the cost of the project?

I hope that these pictures end up looking as good as I had originally pictured. I actually went against the advice of my framing lady, who wanted to mat them all differently. I hope I did the right thing. She and I usually agree, so this concerns me.

What projects are you working on right now? Does it always shock you how expensive framing is? It still does me sometimes. But I always like the end result.