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Fat Tuesday Volume III

So, I am entering week three of better habits and please leave, fat! Here is my progress report: three pounds down, a hell of a lot more to go. ­čÖé

Question of the week: Have you ever kept juggling all of your balls (be quiet dirty birds!) without dropping any? And if so, for how long? When I talk of the juggling act I am referring to three main areas for me and probably more for other people. My three are 1) weight,exercise, & food under control 2) finances in order and 3) house in order. For many of you the juggling act will also include a job and parenting. It boggles the mind!

The juggling act seems like a catch 22 to me. I can’t remember the last time I had all three areas under control. Yet, it does seem to me that if one and especially if two of my three areas get out of control, they will pull the third one with them. The last time all three were going well at the same time might have been around 2005. And that is probably not completely correct. Just because I was thinner then than I am now doesn’t mean #1 was totally great. But that was the year that I was introduced to Dave Ramsey. That saved our lives, financially speaking. And I had a much smaller house back then, so it was easier to keep in order.

Does this happen to everyone else? Have you ever mastered the juggling act? If so, do you have any tips? My only tip that I can give for sure, is Dave Ramsey. Whenever we have followed his financial advice, things have gone well for us in that area. I still struggle a little with the financial stuff (like falling off the envelopes wagon once in a while), but most of my struggles are with #1 & #2. How about you?