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Fat Tuesday Volume: I still don’t know!

So it’s still Fat Tuesday because I’m still fat. I would have hoped that after six months, I would be a lot closer to “a little chunky”, but my fat loves me and does not want to leave! Also, I have FINALLY come to the realization that I am going to have to sacrifice even more deeply for many more months if I’m ever going to be happy with my fitness. I think most of those deeper sacrifices will have to come in the form of food. While I am doing a lot better, I still really crave sweets and bread. I am mostly eating a primal diet. I am actually very happy with it. I just need to keep doing it, so that my tastes continue to change and I think my cravings will continue to dissipate.

The thing I have really noticed since starting to eat this way is that I hate grocery shopping a little less. It’s so much easier when you don’t even need to go down most of the aisles in the grocery store. I have stopped couponing for the most part. There are very few coupons available for most of what I buy. I do still check Target’s coupon site most of the time before I go there, and the next time I need to load up on medicine I will be sure to clip some coupons. But even all the great coupons they have for personal care and beauty items don’t cover the brands I buy.

What about you? How did your fitness goals fare this summer? Have you been using coupons consistently?