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New Mirror

I wanted to show my gallery wall today, that I’m doing in the blue living room. But it was not to be. I tried to save some money by using store bought frames. But they come without the hanging mechanism attached to the back. And the stupid pilot holes are not always big enough for the equally stupid tiny screws! Ahhhhhhh!

A couple of weeks ago, after hemming and hawing for over a month, I bought a new entryway mirror at Pier1. I like it just fine right now, but it will look even better when we repaint the hallway someday… (Don’t hold your breath. Scaffolding will be involved.)

Before - sorry, I know this is a bad shot.

After - once I fill up the display cabinets in the LR again, the reflection should be not so blah.

What do you think? I am pretty happy. I almost think I could go even bigger with the mirror, but the table is not big and I don’t want to completely dwarf it.

Easily Influenced

Last month I was reading this post on Bryn Alexandra’s blog about the importance of a home’s entryway. I’ve known that our home’s foyer was blah ever since we moved in, but I wasn’t that bothered about it. Suddenly, after reading that post, I couldn’t get it out of my head. A few days later, I was clicking around on Overstock, and I found a piece of furniture that I thought might work. Then I remembered the table from Target, I had seen at Isabella and Max Rooms. And then the cherry on top happened! I realized that the giant blank wall going up my stairway, could become my version of Lauren’s at Pure Style Home, which I have been drooling over for a year. And coincidentally, is in December’s Better Homes and Gardens. Now do you see why reading design blogs is dangerous for me?!

I’m not done, but here’s what I have so far:



Here is a better, but unfinished after. The fabric is just wrapped around the pillow because I haven’t had the cover made yet.

After with the pillow

I added a picture to one wall, and it looks a lot better in my humble opinion. 😉



A Different Angle

I love this table and especially the feet!


Here is that big blank wall:

wall of blankness

I have the frames (same size), but I’m still working on collecting the pictures. I’ll also need to have mats cut, as each picture is a different size. There will probably be about 20 pictures in all. Here is a sneak peek of two that came in the mail today:

pictures of Our Lady

The artist for the pictures above is Flor Larios. As I am writing this post, I am remembering that my friend Lou’s entryway is full of Mary art. So not only am I easily influenced, but I will copy everyone! 😉