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Movin On Up

Ever since the husband bought a new car yesterday, that song has been stuck in my head. What? Now it’s stuck in yours? You’re welcome! Now what? You don’t know that song? You have no idea who George Jefferson is? I don’t want to know. There’s nothing I can do about this gaping hole in your education. 😉

So the husband went from this:

The Husband vs. The Parking Garage: Parking Garage - 10 Husband - 0

To this:

Pretty big improvement. Especially, since he never repaired his car after he lost that fight with the parking garage. In true guy fashion, he is getting a big kick out of all the gadgets his new car has. I’m just happy with how big it is, and all of the air bags. He drives on some pretty hairy roads to get to and from his office every day. But we do live closer to his office now than we did for most of the tenure of the blue car. So hopefully that means that we won’t put quite so many miles on this one. In 9.5 years he put a little over 130,000 miles on that car. And it never spent any time in the shop. Just oil changes, new tires, and a couple of batteries. I hope his new, fancy car does as well. But you know how I feel about fancy pants

Beware The Fancy Pants

Fancy Pants

Our home has fancy appliances – fancy pants. Let me clarify that further, old fancy pants. Except for the dishwasher (I got a new one for Christmas) and the microwave, which appears to be from 2006, the rest are original to the house. Fancy pants, no matter the age, can be very appealing. Until they break or malfunction, and you start to research replacement costs. Then fancy pants start to look like pretty, ticking time bombs.

The problem right now is with the refrigerator (as evidenced by the towel on the floor). I hope it’s just the ice maker and not something worse. But that seems a bit unlikely, since the ice maker is less than two years old. Because I have a brother who delights in freaking out the husband, I happen to know how much it would cost to replace that thing. It’s bad, people. Bad enough, that if it happens, there will be no more before and afters of my house for a very long time. Think years here.

I have no idea how much it costs to replace double wall ovens or a gas cooktop with downdraft vent. And I don’t want to know, because I love sleep.

So learn from me and heed this warning:
Beware the fancy pants!!!!