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Obsessed With Curtains

I have been obsessed this past weekend with curtains. Even though I had a bazillion other things I could have done to better use my time. I’m not a curtain snob. ­čÖé So I was looking at ready made curtains as well as fabric choices to have them made. I mentioned in my last post that I had a fabric I was thinking of using for curtains in the blue living room. But I have soured on that choice now. Too much pink in the pattern.

I still haven’t settled on what to do about that room. But I did run across these beauties on Saturday:

from Anthropologie

They are nearly identical to what I was picturing in my mind for the formal dining room. And surprise, there are birds! So into my shopping cart they went. I may end up using them in the blue living room as well, but I think not. I have no fewer that five fabric samples coming in the mail from Calico Corners, so maybe one of those will work. Here is what I have in the formal dining room so far:

dining room attached to the blue living room

I have hopes of someday getting a couple of these chairs from Williams Sonoma Home. Since I’ve had my eye on them for three years now, hope is all it may ever be. ­čśë It’s such a bummer that they closed most of their stores. But great that it’s all still available online. That china blue linen was used by me in 2008 to find a paint color for the living room. It also perfectly matches the sky in the painting above the mantle in the living room.

I probably should not have allowed myself to get distracted buying stuff for the dining room. Those curtains were so perfect that I was afraid not to get them. I’ve done that too many times in the past, and then what I want is gone when I go back. Has that ever happened to you? Any great resources for curtains you would recommend?