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7 Quick Takes Friday

This post is linked up to 7 Quick Takes Friday at Conversion Diary. You should check out her blog. Jen always has great scorpion stories and her mother in-law is called Yaya. Her life is very entertaining.

1. Julia Sugarbaker’s birthday is tomorrow. Happy birthday, Julia! I love the six months every year when I’m not quite so much older than you! 😉

2. After my freak out earlier this week, things went pretty well. Except… I fell. I was walking and talking to friends at a park one minute and lying flat on my back while bleeding the next minute. I’ve never been good at multi-tasking, but walking and talking at the same time has never been a problem. So, either I’ve become extemely uncoordinated or karma’s a you know what. It’s very possible that all grace gained from those early ballet classes is completely gone. But can I face the prospect of an old lady ballet class?

3. After all the cleaning I did last month, my house still looks pretty good. Except, the pink bathroom is STILL not done and my closet clean out halted midway through. I need to get motivated again!

4. One of the fist times I read Conversion Diary, Jen was talking about the proliferation of Trucknutz in Austin. I confess, I had been feeling quite smug about Dallas, since I had never spotted such a thing around here. But that smugness came to an end earlier this week when the husband called (voice activated, hands free) on the way home to say, “You’re never going to believe what’s hanging off of the truck in front of me”. And so my illusions of classiness about truck owners in the Metroplex have come to an end.

5. Nebraska takes on Texas tomorrow at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln and I’m actually going to watch the game. Sadly, on TV, not in person. Go Huskers!!!

6. Mr. Darcy has become very arthritically challenged over the last week. There is definitely a doctor visit in his future. I hope they can do something to help him. He still really loves to play, but this has hampered his activity. I can tell he’s really frustrated.

7. I have decided after all of my contractor/repair people woes over the last month, that I must lower my standards. I will expect from now on that they will arrive late and not clean up after themselves, not return phone calls, etc… And then when things go well I will be extremely happy. And when they don’t, I can just shrug my shoulders. This may seem like a defeatist attitude, but it’s actually very practical. There’s no reason to expend so much energy and emotion on stuff I can’t change. But I will finally start submitting all of my reviews to Angie’s List. I used to only do the good ones because I felt bad about possibly causing someone to lose business. But I’m done with that. I’m just going to be truthful, not vindictive or anything, and hope that this is the right thing to do.

Have a great weekend and please pray for us, as we are going to try and tackle the giant mirror stuck to the wall on Sunday. It should be interesting!