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Fireplace Tuesday

So I decided to ditch Fat Tuesday this week, because my new fireplace screen came yesterday. I love it. I do wish that the granite tile on the fireplace had a lot less movement in it. And I also wish the grout was black instead of white. I actually didn’t realize how much it bugged me until I got the screen. At least the grout is easier to change than the tile. So that may go on my project list. Don’t tell the husband!

Fireplace before

Fireplace after, with the new screen

I got the screen from Grandin Road. You can find it here. I’ve been looking for a screen for almost two years. I’m pretty happy with the price. It’s solid and heavy, not cheapy steel tubing. By the way, see that tall white vase on the mantle? That’s by Polly George. If anyone knows where I can buy her china in the U.S., please share! I’m a big fan and would like a couple more pieces.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! And may the ragweed not be as plentiful where you are, as it is here.