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Little Miss Cranky Pants

The late, great Mr. Darcy, getting his cranky on.

While talking through a recent difference of opinion big fight with the husband, I was informed that over the last year or so, I have become a bit less easy going. I then recalled that some other people who shall remain nameless, have decided that my temperament has some elements of Phlegmatic in it. (I totally disagree, btw. :)) But maybe that was their way of explaining my cranky pants.

After the conversation with the husband, I freaked out in true drama queen fashion, and decided that I must have a tumor. At this point, the husband apparently decided that I had not been upset enough, so he said, “You don’t have a tumor! You’re just getting old!”. Great. Thanks. Listen buddy, just because you’re a few months younger than me doesn’t mean you get to throw around the O word.

This getting less willing to put up with crap and be easy going is not a good development for several reasons.
1. I’ve never really been a push over (possibly, giant understatement). So having that trait increase in intensity, probably translates into something in the bitch on wheels category. Not exactly what I’m shooting for.
2. Life is less fun when you can’t be easy going. Uptight means less laughter. Less laughter equals less fun. Bleh!
3. Never mind. Number three would just reinforce the whole cranky thing.

Has this happened to you? Have you found yourself less able or willing to just let things slide? Were you able to reverse the trend? Advice, please!

Miss Cranky Pants