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7 Quick Takes Friday

This post is linked up to 7 Quick Takes Friday at Betty Beguiles.

1. I started out this week, hating both my grocery store and my bank. I know this is going to sound like a repeat, but I’m not talking about Wally World. I actually have a grocery store that is two minutes from my house. I realize that I am lucky and this is a great convenience. Therefore, I want to shop there and support it. But it’s sooooo painful!!! Long lines, ditzy teenage checkers, managers who should know better, but make the experience worse, and on and on and on. Bleck! I might as well go to Walwart. As for the bank – they are always nit picking my transactions. And I’m not a banking idiot. I actually worked in banks for eight years. Half of those as a teller. This same bank has also screwed up some pretty important transactions, like the wiring of money. I guess we’ll all know that I’ve had enough when I take the trouble to switch. What a hassle! What do you do when the businesses you do business with make you want to drink? Do you speak with a manager? Do you go higher? Do you give up and go elsewhere?

2. I watched The Proposal again this week. I hadn’t seen it since it’s theater run. I had forgotten how funny it is! I was laughing out loud at several points. And I had forgotten how much I liked the scenery and the house. It was actually filmed in Massachusetts, not Alaska. Julia at Hooked on Houses has a great post about the house here.

3. The Z Gallerie Jett Desk is here!

It’s very pretty and very big. I don’t think I could correctly visualize it until it was actually here. Also, the fact that it has to hold a giant nativity scene year round, is messing with my decorating mojo a little bit. Oh well, I’ll get over it. And hopefully, I can make it work.

4. We have caught one roof rat. Unbelievable! Two months in and only one rat has been caught. We still haven’t figured out how to plug the hole without breaking child labor laws. I think I’ve heard ads for a company that is supposed to specialize in finding and plugging the weak spots in your home, to keep unwanted visitors out. I think I’m going to have to call them, even though the husband doesn’t want me to because Terminix is catching them for free under our contract. Cheapo!

5. Did I mention that we have a leak? Look at the desk picture above, and you will see a shadow on the wall to the left. Yep, a leak. There is no room above that one, so we think it’s our 2&1/2 year old roof. Sometimes home ownership is a real ass kicker.

6. We are going to see Macbeth this weekend at Kitchen Dog Theater. If you live in the Dallas area, I can’t recommend them highly enough. This is our first year subscribing there, and we’ve been really impressed with each and every performance. This comes after years of subscribing to another local theater company for years that we were only ever lukewarm about and more recently, just disappointed. It didn’t help that the artistic director liked to insert high fives among the cast into every play he directed. It got so I was always checking their website to see if “High Five” was the director. And if so, a sense of dread would set in. Anyway, we really like KDT – not one high five this entire season. 😉

7. I am going to write this, even though it’s obnoxious – I told you so. If you read my 7 Quick Takes last week, then you know that I was concerned about us sticking our big nose into yet another country in the Middle East. And all of the rhetoric coming out of DC in past few days seems to be confirming my worst fears. With the exception of the Defense Secretary, who seems a bit more cautious than everyone else. I am not saying that there are not people in need. There are. But how much thinner can our military and our bankrupt country be stretched? I am very, very worried about our wonderful military people. I hope and pray that things in Libya take a turn for the better and don’t get worse.

On that happy note, have a great weekend. Even though I’ve never seen myself as a peacemonger, I will be praying for peace. And I hope (if you pray) you will, too.