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Artsy Fartsy

Where in the world does that saying come from?! I’m going to have to call that NPR show that tells you where words and sayings come from. Hope I didn’t scare you. This post has everything to do with art and absolutely nothing to do with farts. 😉

One of my favorite blogs to read is Colour Me Happy, written by Vancouverite (I have no idea if that is an actual word!), Maria Killam. Yesterday, Maria asked for blog posts about inexpensive artwork for the home. I don’t have anything earth shattering, but I thought I would give it a try.

1. Buy art when you travel. As I stated above, not earth shattering. Tons of people do this. I’m not always successful in this endeavor. But I have come across several things that I love. Here are a few:

3 inexpensive prints from Rome

My friend, Julia Sugarbaker, was nice enough to tell me about the gift shop at St. John Lateran in Rome. It was where I found these inexpensive prints as well as prints for most of my family that I framed and gave as gifts when we returned. Don’t you just love a friend who realizes imitation really is sincere flattery? 🙂

Art from our last trip to Mexico

pencil drawings from Charleston

The three pencil sketches above were bought at an outdoor market in Charleston (best foodie trip ever!!!). They were very inexpensive and framed with a discounted frame from Pottery Barn.

***Special Note*** All of the framed art work you have seen above was famed by me with store bought frames many years ago. I have since refined my framing skills a bit and try to have non-glare glass cut for the stuff I do myself. It can usually be done for a very reasonable price and makes a big difference, while still keeping the cost much lower than custom framing.

2a. Shelving. Are you noticing a pattern here? Another “Duh!” idea. This house has quite a bit more wall space than our previous one, and I’ve used shelves in a few rooms to take up some of that space.

picture ledges in the office

The two picture ledges above are in the office/study. I have no idea where I came up with this idea. I did it two years ago, but I still really like it and haven’t even re-arranged the pictures.

2b. Shelves with dishes. I love dishes and find it easier to decorate with them than with almost anything else.

Shelves and dishes and paintings! Oh my!

The shelves above are in my breakfast room. I believe those are the cafe shelves from Ballard.

3. ETSY. If you haven’t shopped on Etsy, you are depriving yourself. Go have a look! Make sure you have a chunk of time. Anyone who says Facebook is the ultimate time suck, hasn’t met Etsy yet!
3a. Paintings on Etsy.

Cypress by Victoria Webb

I found the above painting while browsing Etsy. While I don’t usually go for abstract art, I just love the colors in this and I couldn’t get it out of my head. I really like all of the color and energy in her paintings. The name of Victoria’s Etsy shop is Furious Dreams. What a great name!
3b. Cards on Etsy. Sometimes when I find art I like on Etsy, it’s just not in the budget to buy an original or even a large print. That’s when I look to see if the artist has put any of their work on cards. I’ve lucked out with the artist Jennifer Lommers. All of the art work in the two pictures below, are cards made from her paintings.

bird in my breakfast room by Jennifer Lommers

quartet in the pink bathroom by Jennifer Lommers

3c. Vintage on Etsy. I’ve had pretty good luck in the last year or so, buying vintage decorative objects, dishes and even art on Etsy. My favorite shop by far is High Street Market. Both the painting and the stand pictured below are from there.

vintage oil painting, artist unknown

4. Buy art that means something to you, and/or art that you love. All of the pieces in the picture below fit that criteria.

meaningful art

Since this post is getting really long, I will direct you to this post I did back in April. It contains the details about the three pieces in the picture above and great information about where you should hang artwork on your walls. (And some extra advice I had forgotten about :))

If you made it all the way to this point – Thank You!!!