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Fat Tuesday Volume XIV

Me & Mary Kate at the wedding.

So…as you can see from the photo above, I didn’t really achieve my goal of losing more weight by my sister’s wedding. Not only is Mary looking super cute in her junior bridesmaid dress, she is also standing in just the right place, to help me look better in the photo! 😉

I am frustrated, as is my trainer. I am working out hard every week. But this is just more proof that the food component is so important. Especially once you are over a certain age. I heard a very depressing report on NPR a couple of weeks ago. The gist of it was that once you are overweight by a significant amount you have really messed up your body. Therefore, not only will it be difficult to lose the weight. It will also be more difficult to maintain once you have lost it. The example they gave was that someone who is trying to maintain a weight of 200 lbs. after having been overweight will have to eat 500 calories a day less than someone trying to maintain that same weight, who has never been overweight. Ahhh!

While this news is very sobering, it doesn’t mean I’m giving up. I’m going to continue. And I’m going to eventually eat right all the time instead of just part of the time. The danger zone of Thanksgiving is right around the corner. The excitement I feel about the prospect of cornbread stuffing is probably not a good sign. How is everyone else doing with their health? What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

Fat Tuesday Volume: I still don’t know!

So it’s still Fat Tuesday because I’m still fat. I would have hoped that after six months, I would be a lot closer to “a little chunky”, but my fat loves me and does not want to leave! Also, I have FINALLY come to the realization that I am going to have to sacrifice even more deeply for many more months if I’m ever going to be happy with my fitness. I think most of those deeper sacrifices will have to come in the form of food. While I am doing a lot better, I still really crave sweets and bread. I am mostly eating a primal diet. I am actually very happy with it. I just need to keep doing it, so that my tastes continue to change and I think my cravings will continue to dissipate.

The thing I have really noticed since starting to eat this way is that I hate grocery shopping a little less. It’s so much easier when you don’t even need to go down most of the aisles in the grocery store. I have stopped couponing for the most part. There are very few coupons available for most of what I buy. I do still check Target’s coupon site most of the time before I go there, and the next time I need to load up on medicine I will be sure to clip some coupons. But even all the great coupons they have for personal care and beauty items don’t cover the brands I buy.

What about you? How did your fitness goals fare this summer? Have you been using coupons consistently?

Fat Tuesday Volume – I have no idea!

I continue to lose weight very, very slowly. Which I guess is fine, but still frustrating. The big deal now is that the husband has been losing weight as well. And of course, in true male fashion when it comes to this issue, he’s losing faster than I am. My weight a couple of pounds ago is his goal weight. So it’s imperative that I keep going down, and not up. Cause weighing the same as the husband = very, very upsetting for me.

Fat Tuesday Volume XX

After a bit of an absence, Fat Tuesdays are back! Since I went to Hawaii weighing more than I would like, and looking a way that I am not comfortable with, I am re-doubling my efforts. I DO NOT want to feel that way about my sister’s wedding pictures. To that end, I read this book over the weekend.

It really helped me think about food and exercise in a slightly different way. I really enjoyed it and found it motivating. You can check out Mark’s blog here. It’s also on my sidebar.

Another book I read recently is Tim Ferriss’s The Four Hour Body.

I like this book as well, but with some caveats. It has a ton of great information along with some “interesting” information and opinions. Believe me, you’ll know it when you see it. (Let’s just say that a certain Aunt would be so proud.) 😉 I had trouble putting into words my hesitation about Mr. Ferriss's writing, until the husband helped me out and said, "He does not appear to understand the concept of the soul". He got it in one try! One of the things Ferriss did say in the book that has really struck me as true, is to build up your confidence by doing new things. It will spur you on to greater achievement. I'm not quoting, just giving you the jist of it. I can truly say after ziplining over 8 different gorges in Hawaii, that he's right. Doing something like that is a big confidence builder and motivator. He also goes into some depth about kettlebells, which I found intriguing. We now own two.

What fitness and lifestyle books are you reading right now? Any that you would recommend?

Fat Tuesday Volume XIX

I have skipped a few Fat Tuesdays recently. Unfortunately, it’s because I forgot and not because I’m skinny. 🙂 Here are the stats:
– have only lost 8 pounds and seem to be stuck
– this is most certainly to with food and not with exercise
– am nearly through with my initial group of sessions with my trainer and have signed up for more
– swim lessons are over, and I am actually sad
– feeling so much better about my abilities in the water, not so much about swim suits, actually me in swim suits
– going to try and really concentrate on my food intake this month
– the no eating out thing went totally out the window while having company the last two weeks
– time to begin again

What about you? Are your thighs ready for summer?

Fat Tuesday Volume XVIII

It’s almost the end of this Fat Tuesday. After much consideration and a cheeseburger, I have decided that I must go back to some of the original impetus for this blog. I am challenging myself not to eat out, and to fix the husband’s lunch every day. I won’t be as strict as I was in the beginning. I can eat out once a week for dinner, and once a week for lunch. Can doesn’t mean have to.

I don’t know why I dislike cooking so much. It’s really ridiculous, especially when it’s usually so much better for you. And it’s definitely better for your wallet. I find the grocery shopping and the kitchen clean up to be so annoying. The actual cooking is okay.

If anyone one has any super easy and healthy recipes to send my way, I’d be very grateful. I have a couple of good cookbooks by Pam Anderson (not the boobtastic one!) and I heard she has a new on out with one dish meals. That sounds like it’s right up my alley.

So, I guess I will do this for the next 40 days. Hopefully, both my waistline and my pocketbook will be in better condition at the end. And holy crap, the blog name will have some meaning for a while!

A Curveball

fabric: Wilmington

Here is a curveball I am throwing you in regards to my previous post. This fabric is called Wilmington. If I used this in the living room, I think I would also use it in the dining room and forget about those Anthro. curtains. I do still like those curtains, but the background is actually tan instead of white or cream. I would prefer white or cream.

Here are all of the choices:

Choices, choices, choices!

Alexandria Scroll on the left, Wilmington in the center, and Suzanni on the right. Would any of you change your previous votes to Wilmington? Is anyone sick of me obsessing about curtains? I promise I will try to stop. 😉

PS I know I skipped Fat Tuesday today. I wasn’t feeling inspired to write that post. I went to the doctor again, and again the scale was off. So annoying!

Fat Tuesday Vol. XVII A.K.A. Rat Tuesday

It is Fat Tuesday again. And I am still fat. But today I wanted to talk about the roof rats. I know what you’re thinking: you still haven’t vanquished those nasty things?! That’s right, we are master procrastinators.

I just had a company here with the logo “Attic Party Animals” on their trucks. They gave me a bid and a great plan for getting rid of the rats and keeping them out. But guess who won’t sign off on it…yet? If you need guesses, you haven’t been reading this blog long enough. 😉 I’ve been pretty good recently, but it’s time to resurrect Whatever, jackass!.

I didn’t hire the guys without his agreement. That would be wrong. But I really wish he could process a bit faster. And just admit that this is what we need to do. So, keep your fingers crossed that the husband faces facts about the rats! 🙂

Fat Tuesday Volume XVI

I’m back to doing Fat Tuesday. I completely blew it off last week. I wasn’t functioning very well. This lingering cough I have has really caused some problems. And taking care of Mr. Darcy on top of it, has really worn me out. I have noticed that if he has a good day, then so do I. If he has a bad day… I really need to work on that.

Here is how the weight loss quest stands:
I had lost nine pounds, but now gained back two. Hopefully this is just a temporary fluctuation.

I have been measured twice since I started working with my trainer and my measurements have decreased each time.

I have not worked out since last Wednesday, due to breathing difficulties from this sickness. I will start again on my own today and back with the trainer on Friday.

I am starting the plain and boring lean meats and vegetables for dinner thing this week. But I still have trouble with what to eat for lunch and dinner. I really need to work on that, so I don’t make bad decisions.

How is everyone else doing? Have you lost some weight? Are you feeling stronger from exercising regularly?

PS Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments from a couple of weeks ago. That picture of me was taken from the best possible angle. I probably should have included the next one on the roll, which looked so different that you might have thought it was a different person. 🙂

Fat Tuesday Volume XV: A List Of Excuses

What’s up? It’s after 2:00 on Tuesday and this is the first time I have logged into my blog this week. I am still fat and I know the reason why: FOOD! I will soon be starting a boring and bland routine of lean meats, vegetables and fruit. I am no longer able to fool myself into thinking I can eat moderate amounts of whatever I want and still lose weight as long as I exercise.

Here are my excuses for being an absentee blogger:
1. I went to Houston.

This sweetie had to be baptized.

This cutie was there, too. Don't be fooled by the sweet smile, she's two!

Sadly, this is the best picture I have taken in ages. (That's my mom in the background!)

2. I went to Austin to go wedding dress shopping with my sister. Except, she found a dress in Houston the day before. I know! Right?! I did have a great time with my mom and my sister. And we found a great suit for my mom to wear to the wedding.

3. My sick dog and my wimpy dog have been making it difficult to sleep through the night. Last night was the first night in over a week that I have been home and not awakened in the middle of the night by either sick dog or wimpy dog. Wimpy dog doesn’t like thunder storms. I’m hoping last night becomes the norm.

4. I’m cleaning my house like crazy because my friend is coming to visit! She told me not to, but I totally am anyway. It will be so pathetic if I don’t get done. But at least I will have the excuse that she told me not to. 😉

A positive development:
My art is no longer being held hostage at Aaron Brothers!

They're ALL done!

If I’m brave enough, I’ll post before and afters of my closet tomorrow. That’s a big if. Although, the closet doesn’t look as bad as the bedroom. I definitely won’t post any pics of the bedroom. Total disaster area!