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I made a recipe earlier this week that’s definitely a keeper. I plan on making it once a week for as long as the basil in my garden is growing.

I took this picture after we had eaten half of it.

I found this recipe at Tasty Kitchen. Click here to see the recipe. ***Substitution and Addition*** I used a combination of fresh corn (from my coop) and frozen corn (from my freezer ­čÖé ). I would definitely use either of those instead of canned corn whenever possible. I also added two roma tomatoes.

Speaking of basil. Yes I was speaking of basil, only it was up at the top of the post. I ramble. It’s a problem. Look how ginormous the basil in my garden is!

I need more basil recipes!

The whole garden is really growing in, since the surgery we performed on it late in the spring. You can find those pictures in this post.

Mary is valiantly protecting the rest of the garden from the mint!

As I noted above, that is mint in front of Mary. I planted that mint last year, before we ripped out those three giant rose bushes. It turns out, mint is a bit more aggressive than I knew. I’ve been warned by friends and neighbors that it will try to take over the whole garden. It has definitely grown sideways, but so far has not tried to travel back or really outside of where I want it. Because I am crazy and Catholic, I have decided that Mary is keeping it in check. ­čśë

The vinca is very happy and the daylillies are still going.

The vinca has really filled in and I’m so glad the daylillies are still going. In my non-expert opinion, these two varieties are the best for summer long blooming: Stella D’ Oro & Happy Returns. I did plant three of another variety and they have been silent for over a month, despite assurances to the contrary from the nursery owner.

The butterfly bush has gone crazy and I think the Confederate Star Jasmine will look amazing next spring.

Where are all the butterflies?!

You may have noticed that I only have flowers and herbs in my garden. This fall I am going to take a short class that will hopefully help me figure how to what vegetables I can add to the garden. There’s a lot of liriope that can be removed to make space. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out. Happy Friday!