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The Secret Room

Last night we used our newly painted dining room for the first time. It’s also probably only the third or fourth time that we have used the room since moving into the house three years ago. It’s not that it’s too fancy. It’s just that for quite a while we didn’t have a table. Then we had a table, but no chairs. Then we had a table and two benches. Which is where we are now.

The Secret Room 😉

I found one of the main topics of conversation when we sat down to eat to be very amusing. There were all sort of comments like, “I didn’t know this room existed”, and “I didn’t know this entire wing existed!”. The best one was, “What I want to know is, how did you keep us out of here?”! To be fair, most of these comments were from men. But I think a couple of them were truly mystified because they come to our house pretty regularly. The thing is, you can see the dining room right as you walk in the front door. And the front door is the door used by all guests. It’s not like we have an accessible side door that everyone was using and that’s why they missed it. It also became apparent while we were all hanging out in the kitchen, that no one knew about the back stairway. I ran upstairs to get something and I heard echoing up behind me, “Oh my goodness, there’s a whole other stairway back here!” People were again surprised. Clearly, I need to start offering to take people on house tours again. It’s something you do when you very first move into a house. And since we’ve been here for a while now, I never think to do it. Also, there is the slight problem that many times when we have people over only the first floor is “company ready”.

more of the secret wing 😉

Do you offer to show people your home when entertaining? It seems a little awkward to me. I guess it wouldn’t be with these same friends because of the conversations that occurred last night. It sure we be nice to have an excuse like moving to explain the state of several of the rooms upstairs. Oh well, I guess that’s just an incentive to get more projects done. 🙂