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Fat Tuesday Volume XII

A Training Update

This is my 5th week working with my personal trainer, but… I haven’t had three sessions a week for each of the previous four weeks. I missed a session due to illness, and I missed two while in Florida. So, I’ve had ten sessions so far including yesterday’s.

I think it’s going really well. I like my trainer, Lisa. I’m feeling better and stronger. I could really tell when I got back from Florida that I had missed. As far as results go, they are not stunning. I have seen a slight decrease in my measurements and a pretty slow and steady decrease in my body fat percentage. But the big weight loss still eludes me. I’m holding steady at six pounds lost since I began this twelve weeks ago.

I realize that this is due to me not being strict enough with myself on the food. So, I am contemplating doing something like weight watchers. But, the idea of attending meetings is enough to make me hide in a dark closet for days. Has anyone had any success using their online program? Or maybe another online program that tracks your food intake? I really have done very little recent research on this topic, but I’m sure when I talk to friends and start searching online, I will be overwhelmed with information.

Enough about me, me, me! How is diet and exercise going for you?