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Binswanger Glass Company Is Dead To Me

Look Ma, no clips!

The ugly picture above is of the mirror in the pink bathroom. We exposed one corner under the tacky old frame and found no clips. This is not what we wanted to see. I then came up with the genius idea to tape the entire mirror and hit it with a hammer. The reaction of friends and acquaintances to this idea was incredulousness and concern. We soon became convinced that if we attempted this feat, there would be the distinct possibility of receiving a Darwin Award.

So, I took my friend’s advice and called the company above on Tuesday. Explained my situation and that I was under a time constraint. I was promised a call back after being quoted a price. Here we are on Saturday – radio silence. Binswanger Glass is dead to me.

I then remembered that the same friend had introduced me to another glass guy who just replaced her windows. And I had his card. So I called him on Thursday. Told him my sad story. Was promised a call back. Nothing. Perry at Yet Another Glass Co., you are very close to being dead to me as well.

Of course, if either place calls me Monday morning and un-sticks that damn mirror, they will be back from the dead very quickly. But I’m a bit of a grudge holder, so I can’t promise that they’ll stay un-dead for very long. ­čśë

*****November 5th Edit***** Binswanger has redeemed themselves. Check out this post to see how it all played out.

Labor Day aka The End Of Summer

I don’t know why, but the end of summer still makes me melancholy. This makes no sense in my current circumstances. I am no longer a school child. I have no school children. The weather here is actually getting better. All of that makes no difference. Sad. My one reason that still holds water is: the days are getting shorter. I hate that.

Even though the end of summer is a bummer (I like that rhyme!), we had a lovely weekend. The husband’s parents came to visit. We went to the Bedford Blues & BBQ Festival and got to see Taj Mahal along with lots of other great performers.

Please excuse the Iphone pics:

The Main Stage



The husband and his dad also did some work around the homestead:

We spent a great deal of time on the back porch, which has had it’s cushions re-instated. So far, no more evil squirrel damage. It’s so great to be able to eat meals out there, now that the weather has cooled a bit. Mr. Bingley, in particular, is my father in-law’s biggest fan. He and Mr. Darcy like to go outside for nearly every smoke break.

Mr. Bingley's favorite toy and his friend.

Jealous Mr. Darcy

A rare moment of tug of war

The parentals were also the first to use the pink bathroom in it’s semi-done state. Here’s the vanity right now. Notice the new mirror is not in yet.

I really hope the new mirror works!

Here is the current state of the shower (this happened after my in-laws left!):

new fixtures coming soon

I’ll have to fill you in tomorrow on why my plumber thinks I’m a moron and his assistant thinks I might be sneaky smart. ­čśë