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I left several home projects unfinished at the end of 2010. And the “Great Rat Invasion” of 2011 has taken some of my time and focus. But now I would like to concentrate on a more fun project. CSN Stores has asked me to review one of their bazillion products. In exchange for the review, they will give me a gift certificate to put towards the purchase. I already posted on this blog several of their furniture pieces that I like, when I did a giveaway with them a couple of months ago. I’ve been clicking around their site some more and have found a huge selection of wall art and decor. I love to shop with other people’s money! CSN’s, my husband’s, whoever! 😉

What home projects are you doing right now? I have some new cushions coming, and I need to complete my giant framing project for my entry. I am also on the hunt for some light fixtures, as I continue my quest to try and eradicate the $10 discount store fixtures from our home. Hope everyone is having a great week!