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salad with chicken, apple and currants, chocolate cake, real coke

Please excuse the crappy Iphone photo. I was being lazy. But I wanted to document my last hurrah. I had a little talk with my trainer, and we agreed that starting today I would do South Beach. This is an acceptable one for our household, because the husband will do it. There are several others that I am sure would be more healthful in the long run, but I think this one can be done pretty well. As long as you don’t rely on diet sodas and dairy to get you through.

She also found a supplement for me that should help with my insane sugar cravings. It’s called GlucoBalance. I think that once I really get my system clear of sugar for two or three weeks, that I should be able to add some fruit back in. At least that is my goal. Goodbye, sugar. I love you!

PS I am completely aware that it is inadvisable to feast before the famine. Yet I did it anyway. ­čÖé