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14 Years

These remind me of my wedding flowers.

In honor of my 14th wedding anniversary today, here is a very recent conversation between myself and the husband:

the husband: “It’s going to be great when your friend lives in the neighborhood. She can just drop by anytime. Now you’ll have to keep the house clean at all times!”

me: “Uh, I was thinking I would learn how to belly crawl. That way I could move around the house without being seen and could choose to not answer the door if the house is too messy.”

the husband: “I can’t believe that your response to the potential of a drop in is to learn the new skill of belly crawling! What’s next? Teaching the dogs to pee in the garage? (EWWW!) Reading with a flashlight under the covers like a ten year old boy? You have issues!”

me: laughing too hard to make a coherent response

I’m sure it never occurred to the husband all those years ago when our conversations consisted of, “You’re the best!”, “No, you’re the best!” (Yes, I know we were disgusting and lucky to retain any friends from that period!) that our conversations would be about whether or not belly crawling was an adequate alternative to house cleaning 14 years in. Thanks honey, for putting up with me. I love you!

***Special Note*** If my friend is reading this right now she is probably mortified for a number of reasons. 1. She would never just show up. She would call and say “I’m coming over.” 2. She’s shy. 3. She is going to assume from reading the above that I am not looking forward to this proximity. THAT IS FALSE! I think one of the greatest things about them buying in my neighborhood is that we can be at each others houses in a matter of minutes. I’m totally looking forward to it. So much so, that she doesn’t even need to call first. 🙂 I make no promises about whether or not there will be belly crawling!