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Fat Tuesday Vol. XVII A.K.A. Rat Tuesday

It is Fat Tuesday again. And I am still fat. But today I wanted to talk about the roof rats. I know what you’re thinking: you still haven’t vanquished those nasty things?! That’s right, we are master procrastinators.

I just had a company here with the logo “Attic Party Animals” on their trucks. They gave me a bid and a great plan for getting rid of the rats and keeping them out. But guess who won’t sign off on it…yet? If you need guesses, you haven’t been reading this blog long enough. ­čśë I’ve been pretty good recently, but it’s time to resurrect Whatever, jackass!.

I didn’t hire the guys without his agreement. That would be wrong. But I really wish he could process a bit faster. And just admit that this is what we need to do. So, keep your fingers crossed that the husband faces facts about the rats! ­čÖé