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7 Quick Takes Friday

This post is linked up to 7 Quick Takes Friday at Conversion Diary.

1. I am still struggling with getting soda pop out of my life. The one day I went without, I had the worst headache I’ve had in a very long time. I’m going to have to figure out how to be tough and get through the caffeine withdrawal. Or (gag!) try to drink coffee.

2. The rat saga continues. We are going on almost two weeks with nothing caught in the traps. That’s also two weeks of us camping out in the blue guest room.

It doesn't look this tidy now!

3. Is anyone else watching Downton Abbey on Masterpiece Classic? I am loving it! It almost kills me that they show 90 minutes at a time. I could waste an entire day on it, if only they would let me see the whole thing at once! Back in the 1800’s, didn’t newspapers serialize novels? That would have put me in the nut house for sure!

4. A consequence of #2, is that I am uber paranoid in my house now. When vacuuming on Thursday, a large thing of gray lint got stuck coming out of a wall vent. I became convinced that it must be rat hair. I called the husband at work and said, “You need to come home now! And by the way, we’re moving!”. When he came home (at his regular time) and removed the vent from that wall, I was standing on the coffee table the entire time. It was just lint. I have issues.

5. Also as a consequence of #2, I have appointments with three contractors today. We have to fix the hole and all the places the rodents tried to chew their way in, but weren’t successful. This could possibly include changing all of the wood siding to fiber cement siding, so they can never chew on our house again. If anyone has any reviews of either Hardiplank or Nichiha, please leave it in the comments. Please!

6. Remember several weeks ago when I was whining about Rachel Perry going out of business? And how I needed to find a new moisturizer? Well, replacement found: Kimberly Sayer of London. It’s oil free, has SPF 25, and I had no breakout problems during the switch. I also purchased an eye serum and a night creme of the same brand. I’m really loving all three products. And my new dermatologist was impressed by the ingredients list when I showed her the lotion. You can find it on Amazon, but I got mine from this Texas company. I was trying to stay sort of local. ­čÖé

7. I’ve been wondering about writing about faith. I don’t write about my faith on my blog. I have mentioned it a few times. It’s not like it’s not important. It’s the most important. But I’ve never felt comfortable talking or writing about it. Especially, with people I don’t know. Do you write about your faith on your blog? This should be interesting since I’m linking up to a blog that’s almost entirely about faith. And a very well done one, too. I feel that I am better when writing most of the time about fun or funny things. My personality is such that I love to laugh, but I can be bitchy and condescending if I get into an argument about religion or politics. So I feel that it’s better for me personally, to leave those topics alone as far as the blog goes. There are people who write about those topics well. Jen at Conversion Diary is one of them. Are you? Or do you leave it alone?

Happy Friday! I get to play in a friendly poker game tonight. Really looking forward to it. What are you up to this weekend?