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Fat Tuesday Volume V

I can’t believe another week has passed again! I am late doing this post, as it is after noon on Tuesday. We are having horrible weather for us, but I’m pretty sure that means most of the people reading this are having just as bad or worse weather.

Despite our current nasty weather situation, most of the last 7 days have been pretty darn nice. Which means I have been really good with the exercise, and walked many miles around my neighborhood. Both with and without the dogs. They look so pitiful when I leave without them! (I only do that after they have had their daily walk and I want to go further.)

Unfortunately, I really haven’t made much progress this month. I’m only down four pounds, and I haven’t felt a big increase in my energy level like I was hoping for. This is all on me. I’m not being hard core enough about my food and I’m definitely not sweating enough. I am seeing progress although slow with my self discipline about soda. I honestly think the lack of energy is a bigger obstacle. To help with the work out issue, I have contacted a place that provides personal trainers. I must admit that I feel like a bit of a failure in doing so, but I’m going to shrug that off. Also, I don’t even know yet if such a service will fit in our budget. I’ll keep you posted. Have you worked with a personal trainer? Did you feel it was worth it?