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Fat Tuesday On Wednesday A.K.A. Volume XIIII

Crap! I forgot to do Fat Tuesday! I haven’t had a full 7 or 8 hours of sleep since sometime last week, and it’s clearly getting to me.

I have good news and I have bad news. Good news: I lost three more pounds! Bad news: the scale at the doctor’s office says something four pounds worse than the one at home. What’s up with that? They need to set those things low to compensate for the fact that you can’t stand naked in their hallway. Well, you could. But that wouldn’t be good for anyone. ­čÖé

Please say a few prayers for me, as I will be flying the “Open Air Airline” today and tomorrow. I wonder how annoyed they would be if pitched that to them as their new slogan?

Fat Tuesday

Yes, I know it’s not not Fat Tuesday on the calendar. But I have decided that it’s Fat Tuesday on my blog, every Tuesday that I’m still fat. May there be as few as possible! I have no idea how many overweight people are reading this. But since most readers are in the U.S., the percentage is probably (unfortunately) pretty high. Please don’t take this personally. My goal and concerns are for myself, and not meant to make anyone feel bad. I have personally been struggling with my weight for many years now. And I really feel like this is it. I need to get this monster taken care of. No matter what you weigh, if you are healthy and feel good, then it doesn’t really matter. But I DON’T feel great and even though I’m fairly healthy now, good health will most probably not continue with so much extra weight.

Those of you who are Type A out there are probably bewildered as why I haven’t kicked fat’s butt before now. Those of you who are procrastinators like me, probably get it. The funny thing is that I am pretty vain. Being a vain, fat person is very interesting, but I wouldn’t recommend it. ­čśë

In 2009, I lost about 25 pounds. In 2010, I gained 10 of those back. And I really need to lose around 40 pounds. I will not be posting my weight. Just know that I have to shop in the short people department, so I don’t have a bunch of height to disguise the extra pounds. It ain’t pretty.

This is not a New Year’s Resolution. This is a challenge and a forming of long term habits. My challenge to myself and to you is to work out for at least 25 minutes, six of the next seven days. See you next Fat Tuesday!