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A Picture Story

This is my pretty sister, Katie:

I got to see her three out of the last seven days! Katie lived with us one awesome summer, several years ago. And became best buds with Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy. Consequently, they get even more excited when she visits, than they do for everyone else. And that’s saying quite a lot. Because they’re labs. Their two great loves are people and food. They pretty much go bonkers anytime someone comes up the front walk.

Here, in pictures, is what happens when Katie comes to visit:

Both Dogs Are Excited

Mr. Darcy Goes To Get A Toy And Starts Barking When No One Plays With Him

Mr. Bingley Goes Crazy and Tries To Make Out With Katie

Katie finally escapes, runs around the house looking for a lint brush, and muttering about why did she wear black. (She ALWAYS wears black 🙂 )