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Paint Fumes

Well, the windows are in, the painting is done, and the fumes are killing off my brain cells left and right. Here is a peek of the rooms we had painted. It probably won’t look that different on film, but the difference in person is startling. EVERYTHING was painted: the ceiling, all the molding, the display cases, and of course the walls. We haven’t even started putting the rooms back together again. (Crap! While taking pictures for this post I noticed a gigantic water stain on the ceiling in the green guest room. What the…?!)

Aren't they pretty? Too bad guests like privacy. ­čÖé

The dining room is still yellow, but brighter and more intense.

Love the new ceiling color!

The trim and moldings are all Benjamin Moore Cloud White.
Ceilings are BM Dune White
Living Room is Valspar Pale Delphinium – color matched to Olympic One
Dining Room is BM Firefly