A Phone Conversation

While at the Home Depot tonight I had to call the husband to see if the cordless drill I was buying him would pass muster. It did. I then informed him that I was buying two replacement light fixtures for the back stairwell, which is our project area. So I said, “Go ahead and remove the lights so we can change them out.” Don’t you love my liberal use of “we”? The husband began to grumble about one of the lights being impossible to reach and declared, “It’s not going to happen”. I then tried to cajole him by saying how awesome he is and how he can do anything. He wasn’t buying it.

While walking out to the car I received another call from him, and it went like this:

husband: “How exactly was I going to see to install new lights in a stairwell at night?”

me: “Umm, good point. We’ll have to do the lights tomorrow.”

husband: “Uh yeah, I think that will work better since you can’t do that in the dark.”

me: “You seem like you are in a bad mood. What’s wrong? I just used some of my birthday money to buy you a new cordless drill.”

husband: “That’s not my drill. That’s your drill for me to use on your projects. And who comes up with a project for their husband to remove light fixtures in a stairwell at night? A wife who is trying to kill her husband, that’s who! Maybe I’m in a bad mood because I started doing your stupid project and realized I was going to break my neck in the dark!”

me: no words, just laughing

husband: “Why are you trying to kill me?!”

me: more laughing

The husband hangs up.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jen on May 4, 2010 at 9:18 pm

    That one literally made me laugh out loud!


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