Monday Morning Stuff

1. After seeing the front page of the Wall Street Journal this morning, I now completely understand the insanity that is BP: Mr. Bean has been running the company.

2. I know I said in Friday’s post that I was over the screw ups by the bad painter. But…

There are at least 5 of these in the bathroom that needs painting. We were too scared to take down the light fixtures.

He will henceforth be known as, Rat Bastard. Thank you for your support in this very important matter.

3. How I can be this old, and still not have conquered the laundry problem, is a continual source of consternation for me. There are only two people in this house, for Pete’s sake! I will be doing laundry all day today. Super fun.

4. One of my favorite authors put out a graphic novel last week that is super short, has no ending, and is over priced. Not cool.

Why Janet? Why?

5. My husband took my car to work again this morning and left me with this:

The Husband vs. The Parking Garage: Parking Garage - 10 Husband - 0

I think that’s enough. Mondays are…interesting. That’s as positive as I can be.

9 responses to this post.

  1. Man, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a parking garage win so well.


  2. Why hello there Pete!

    Boy, he DOES get around, doesn’t he?


  3. Poor car. Bad parking garage.


  4. Boo Janet! I can understand comic books for boys who don’t want to pick up a plain ol’ novel, but I don’t understand marketing this to her normal audience. Thanks for the head’s up – I think I’ll skip this set.

    And ouch, your poor husband! Well, at least you have some blogging material. 🙂


  5. P.S.~ Really, Janet did that?

    I’m very disappointed.


  6. Posted by Leigh Ann on July 27, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    Nichole!—You have had me cracking up!—(I am not laughing at Shane’s car, really–oh no! very sad) but your getting left with that in the garage is too funny!—And I feel your pain about the wallpaper in the bathroom. I will gladly chime in on the “R– B—–d”!, but if it makes you feel any better, it is pretty common among painters!!!—(Kate had the same thing in her house when we changed out the lights!) Let me tell what you need a good ‘ole can of “Spray Texture” at Home Depot and a little touch up paint and you’ll be good to go!—Good Luck!–I’ll be glad to help you out if you need it! 🙂


    • Thanks Leigh Ann! I do seem to remember Kate mentioning spray texture at some point. I’ll definitely pick some up. Glad to entertain. 🙂


  7. […] not put any pictures of our bedroom on this blog, yet. Except this: Why Janet? Why? It was in this post, where I was bemoaning Mondays. This is the sitting area across from the […]


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