The Purse Strings Are Getting Tighter

Some Things Are Going To Change Around Here

So, I was informed last month over dinner at a nice restaurant that the husband has a new idea for thwarting what he sees as my constant spending and not saving. If any of you remember his last idea, then I’m sure you can’t wait for this doozy.

Except, this one isn’t so bad. Shocking, huh? I do still have a few quibbles about the fine print, but it didn’t cause me to say “Whatever, Jackass!”.

Here’s the new deal: Beginning in January, I have to save as much money in 2011 as I spent on home decor in 2010. Not insane, right? But here’s the problem: he says I can’t count January. Want to know why? Because 1. January is a bigger than normal check and 2. we actually get our January money in December, so he says it doesn’t count. This annoys me. Also annoying: he’s trying to label expensive air conditioner repairs as “home decor”. I have informed him that if he does so, I will take my revenge in a very expensive manner.

The childish part of me (pretty big part!) wants to say “Cool, more furniture for the house in December”. But this will just mean a longer period of savings in 2011 and more importantly, will stress out the husband. And people, the husband is stressed out. You should have seen how serious and earnest his face was over dinner when he said to me, “Nichole, how many thousands of dollars have you spent on chairs this year?”. It was hilarious! And also a good example of my blog biting me in the butt. His over-inflation of the cost of all my chairs, plus his counting purchases from 2009 in with 2010 caused him a lot of stress and causes a wrong impression in his mind of how much I have truly spent.

Anyway, I spent a couple of hours last night on Dave Ramsey’s subscription site nicknamed My TMMO. They have budget software and I did budgets through next August. I know that I will have to make changes because you can’t think of everything that far ahead. But at least I have the preliminary work done. And it also helped me prove to myself that if I pay attention, I can get the savings done pretty quickly.

I’ve been re-reading and editing what I have written so far in an effort to try not to sound so spoiled. But it doesn’t work, so I guess I have to admit that I am spoiled and this not buying stuff for the house will be good for me. I do want to clarify about the saving money thing. We do save for retirement every month. This is just money outside of 401K that we should be saving. And we will save all year. It’s just that when I meet my goal, I can add home decor purchases to the budget again.

One change that I know I am going to have to make is reading design blogs. You probably can’t tell from my Blogroll, but I read a HUGE number of design blogs. And I think it is a source of trouble. I have a lazy way that I find them. I just click on over to Bryn Alexandra’s blog, and she has a constantly updating blogroll of new posts on tons of design blogs. It’s addicting. Lots of those designers post great “bargains” that they find or sell stuff that’s left over from their projects. And I’ve starting buying. Danger! Danger! There’s no way that I will stop reading them all together. But the ones that have inspired purchasing might have to be off limits. πŸ™‚

What do you think? Can I do it? Is the husband being more reasonable this time? Am I so spoiled that you want to reach through the computer and slap me? Luckily, I still have some stuff to finish with the whole new bathroom counters projects. So I think that should keep me occupied. No to mention, hosting a fundraiser at my house next month. I think the first four months of next year will be the most difficult. Hopefully, I will emerge a more disciplined person.

***Special Note*** I had the husband read this before publication. He spent five minutes lecturing me afterward about the purpose of saving and questioning my intent to save all year. This sort of badgering does not increase my love of this plan.

***Special Note Numero Dos*** The husband just spent 30 minutes going through the budgets. He was actually pretty positive and helped me to remember some stuff I had forgotten. I am feeling less hostile.

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  1. Posted by Liz on August 24, 2010 at 9:59 am

    Ugg.. I hate husbands and their budgets! Mine has the worst habit of just assigning some dollar amount to an item we want to purchase without doing any research to find out what the cost of the item really is. Like when we got married. He was like well, we should be able to throw the wedding for $5000. I actually laughed in his face on that one.

    Good luck. I know Dave Ramsey’s plan works as Dh & I did it and are debt free, including our house. I will warn you though, the budgets never stop!


    • The $5000 dollar wedding is hilarious! Especially if it was anytime in the last 10-15 years. What mine does is assume that any project that I want to do costs 2 to 3 times more than the actual, so he says no. Then I want to get an estimate to prove that he’s wrong, but he doesn’t want an estimate because that’s one step closer to the project happening. Ahhhhh!

      Congrats on having everything paid off! We did Dave Ramsey before to pay off all non-house debt and it did work great. My husband’s theory is that I’m great at paying stuff off, but can’t get the hang of saving. He might be right.

      We’ll see how this goes.


  2. Mine hates it when I get an estimate, too. He thinks I’m going to okay a huge project w/out his input. Aaargh. I believe we can never have too many chairs.

    We are trying to tighten our belts big-time over here too. Waah!!


    • I think you need to tell your husband about me and how I don’t know where the thrift store is. He’ll very soon understand how lucky he is. πŸ™‚


  3. Well I have to give it to him for the creativity. But that’s all I’d give! Haha good luck being on restriction..


  4. You can totally do it – I have faith in you!

    And I like the little twist, maybe it’ll make it interesting enough to stick to!

    (And I feel confident you will continue reading my blog, as I’m possibly as far away from a classy design blog as possible.)


  5. […] all know from this post that the husband is a bit sensitive about new furniture purchases, and fromthis post that I have good intentions about reforming. But I just don’t see how I could pass up a deal […]


  6. […] on the left side of the bed is too small. So even though I know I can’t buy it because of my agreement with the husband, I popped into Pier 1 to check it out anyway. Really cute! But the lines of the cabinet are too […]


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