Monk Soup

On Friday evening I made Winter Vegetable Soup With Fine Herbs from the cookbook, “Sacred Feasts From A Monastery Kitchen”. This book was given to us for Christmas by our cool friends D & J. (Whom we are pretty sure are only still friends with us because we make them feel really cool and normal in comparison to our freaky selves. And we’re good with that.) I must confess here that I have written only one of my Christmas thank you notes. But…I am writing the rest this weekend and probably all of the husband’s as well. We wouldn’t want Christmas of 2009 to turn into the 20 never written wedding thank you notes of 1996. One of those notes the husband never wrote should have gone to a friend’s parents. Who apparently, still mention not getting a thank you to this day. One of many reasons we can never, never move home. You all thought we moved here for a job, but we’re really living in exile because of 20 (out of over 200) thank you notes.

Back to the soup. It’s really good and flavorful and we’ve been eating it with different breads from the grocery store’s bakery. The recipe says you can use as the base, either 12 cups of water or vegetable stock. I used 8 cups stock and 4 cups water. I probably would have done all stock, but I had a brain freeze at the store and couldn’t remember how many ounces were in a cup. Yes, I know that’s pathetic. The cookbook says this serves 6-8. That’s A LOT of soup for two people. I think we’re going to be eating soup for at least another couple of days.

As far as the cookbook goes, I really like it. It’s written in date order from Jan – Dec. and takes into account the seasons. This means you can shop locally if you are into that sort of thing, and don’t have to rely on produce from half way around the world. There are nice reflections included along with suggestions of what to serve with the recipes. I’m definitely going to try more of Brother Victor’s recipes.

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  1. Soup sounds good. Since this is March 2nd, hope it is gone by now…or left overs frozen like you mom always did.


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