My Car: The CD Graveyard

Does low blood sugar make you a little crazy? It does that to me. Last night we met friends for a late supper. I had a snack around regular dinner time, but apparently it wasn’t enough. As we were pulling out of the driveway, the husband stopped to change the cd. And horror of horrors, couldn’t find the case! Instead of putting the cd into the case of whatever one he wanted to listen to, he turned off the car and went into the house to look for the case. All the while giving off an air of disapproval and scolding towards me because it was my car. I was somehow the culprit, even though it was his cd and he was the one who had put it in a week ago. I got in the driver’s seat, pulled into the alley, shut the garage door. And for about half a second considered leaving him there.

I know, I know – crazy! But even this morning, while not in a hunger induced rage, I feel it was ridiculous for him to not handle it later. But since I was so out of proportion in my annoyance, he gets to act like I don’t have a point. Oh and to top it off, he can’t find the case. So now there are all kinds of comments about how I’m a cd killer and why do I always lose his cds, etc…

How many people reading this are like, “Cds? Who has cds anymore?”? We do. We’re old and so are our cars. Neither one of our (paid for, thank you very much) cars have built in mp3 adapters. Obviously, I need to buy one for my car. Then his precious cds need never enter the vortex of doom that is my car.

Isn’t it funny how these little annoyances are dwelled upon? I’ve read this post three times, and recognize the smallness of this issue. And yet, I’m still annoyed. And I’m still going to hit publish. Pray for me at church today. I’m off to Starbucks to stave off more low blood sugar insanity!

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  1. Posted by andrea on April 25, 2010 at 11:52 am

    I’m with you on the cds…I have an mp3 adapter, and I use it sometimes, but I still like my cds. For some reason I think they are more convenient.


  2. I am a slave to blood sugar issues! I go crazy if I am not fed in a timely manner. By the way, my husband always hops out of the car and finds something to do/look for/organize right as we are pulling OUT of the driveway. Aargh.


    • I like Pioneer Woman’s description. Her husband has this issue and she calls it something like: low blood sugar cranky butt syndrome. Great name!


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