Truckin On Down The Road

Do you live in a big city or a small town? No matter where you live, do you ever wish you lived in the opposite type of place? I’m feeling very “grass is greener” today.

Since 9:45 this morning, I have traveled through eight different municipalities. I wish I had looked at my odometer this morning when I started, so I would have some idea of how many miles it was.

I am generally aware that living in this big metropolis is advantageous on a number of levels. But sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t be nice to live somewhere smaller. Today is one of those days. So is almost any day that I have to be in the “death seat”, while the husband drives on an expressway. But that’s a whole therapy session that I will avoid for right now. 😉

I know I’m not the only one. How many of you wish you lived in a different place? And how many think that ultimately, they would have these feelings about the new place, even if they moved?

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