A Curveball

fabric: Wilmington

Here is a curveball I am throwing you in regards to my previous post. This fabric is called Wilmington. If I used this in the living room, I think I would also use it in the dining room and forget about those Anthro. curtains. I do still like those curtains, but the background is actually tan instead of white or cream. I would prefer white or cream.

Here are all of the choices:

Choices, choices, choices!

Alexandria Scroll on the left, Wilmington in the center, and Suzanni on the right. Would any of you change your previous votes to Wilmington? Is anyone sick of me obsessing about curtains? I promise I will try to stop. 😉

PS I know I skipped Fat Tuesday today. I wasn’t feeling inspired to write that post. I went to the doctor again, and again the scale was off. So annoying!

8 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kate on May 10, 2011 at 9:16 pm

    Okay, what exactly are the curtains going to look like? Panels? Roman Shade? And these would go around shutters/bamboo blinds? Are the draperies in the living room and dining room going to match exactly?


    • Panels. Probably no pleat at the top. Shutters on the windows. Proper curtain rings that hook onto the back of lined curtain panels. Probably will use these rods and rings if they ever get off back order: http://www.antiquedraperyrod.com/catalog/displayitem.asp?Product=160&catalog=1&category=45

      Would like to do the same in dining and living. Could probably do so with all three fabrics. Don’t forget the blue and white chevron stripe rug in the DR. 🙂 The more I think about it the more I am convinced to forget about anthro. curtains. Even though they are super cute and really well made.


  2. Posted by Amy B. on May 11, 2011 at 9:52 am

    Word from the peanut gallery: Terri & I didn’t like the Wilmington in the first picture, up next to that nearly identical pillow, but then looking at it with the picture, it’s easily our favorite. You know, we picked the Suzzani yesterday, but with this new option, we’re changing our minds. Oh, and, we want your life! 🙂


  3. I’m really liking the Wilmington!!!

    I saw the shoes you have when I was buying mine. I wondered if they’d be comfortable with the separate toe thing.


  4. Those are all lovely. May I say again how much I love the painting? But I especially love the Wilmington for the contrast.


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  6. It’s so hard for me NOT to vote for something that has yellow, blue, green AND red in it!! The Alex. scroll, believe it or not, will give you more flexibility BECAUSE it has a limited palette – are you worried that you’ll grow tired of the melange of colors in the Wilmington? If not, go for the Wilmington. Otherwise, Alex. Really, any of them would be beautiful – the least helpful thing anyone could say to you!! xo


    • Thanks so much Annie for taking the time to look! You have both enlightened me, and voiced one of my fears. 🙂 I never thought about the limited palette giving me more flexibility, but it makes sense. I did wonder if I would get tired of the Wilmington fabric. I like it a lot in person. But not as much in photos. Emily A. Clark (I think) has it in her office. I was also a bit concerned about the scale of the print on the Alex being too similar to the scale of the design on the rug. Oh, well. Hopefully, I’ll make a decision one of these days.


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